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the BEST fucking person you will ever meet, she can be rude at times but only when provoked. shes very cold when you first meet her but if she likes you enough she'll become warm. she usually gets dissed by people who are jealous of her, but she handles them very well. shes absolutely beautiful and one of the FUNNIEST people you can meet. she's very clumsy, silly and cute, and usually messes up stuff and giggles when she does something wrong. whenever your sad go to sahi as she will do everything in her power to make you laugh. shes super crazy and wild. if you have a Sahi in your life, never let her go!
Friend 1: bro i cant take this anymore
Friends 2: just go talk to sahi
Friend 1: you know what your right she'll cheer me up

Jake: you seen sahi? shes stinking hot
John: yeah apparently shes got a great personality too
Jake: back off im gonna go for her
by Anoymousurbaner101 August 06, 2018
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2 beast
has multicultural friends
very outgoing and funny
has glasses.... ummm
fell off the the round-about thingy at lunch reccess today
lost the glasses....
and shes extremely clumsy. :)
Who is that over there, dang, shes definetly a Sahi.
by boobop33 September 21, 2012
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