59 definitions by DC

A cigarette, or a Phat ass Blunt.
Bill Clinton stuffed his Shnage up Monika Lewinsky's cooter.
by DC March 22, 2004
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A common Australian derivative of the word "yes" or "yeah". Signifying agreement.
Person 1: Did you have a nice day?
Person 2: Yar! :)
by DC November 05, 2003
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Another word for pussy
Yo man, is that bitch gonna let you up in the jelly jar or what?
by DC April 07, 2004
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"Area 57'ing" an unsuspecting foe is very similar to pulling off a Ninja Shitblast. The only difference is that you execute the Ninja Shitblast with at least 4 other friends and then you top it off by dropping an M-80 in the bowl. When the unsuspecting foe comes home, the only logical explanation for the foul smelling travesty will be an Alien invasion.
Last year I Ninja Shitblasted my ex-girlfriend's toytie after I walked in on her and my dad slapping asses during my high school graduation party. Pops has always wanted to remodel his master bath so I thought I'd Area 57 it this year for Father's Day.
by DC June 16, 2004
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to not feel well, feel like shit
I feel like I have collywobbles in my gummydoodles
by dc August 04, 2003
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Getting savagely drunk.
I proceeded to get advised as soon as we entered the bar.
by DC March 14, 2005
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Better than Reloaded,but everything is too repetative, once you've seen one big ball of matter explode you've seen them all. It's not the worst in the triology but it's still a disappointment.
If you gave a child a crayon, told him about the matrix I'm sure he'd have thought of something better than this shit, lets go watch LOTR.
by DC February 05, 2004
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