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From "tribadism" which refers to lesbianism. Derived from the Greek "tribas" (a lesbian) and "tribo" which is the verb "to rub".

Refers to "scissoring" which is when two women rub their vulvas and clitoris together as a form of non-penetrative sex. Can also refer to "frottage" (rubbing) of the woman's vulva against something for sexual stimulation.

Not specific to humans, this behaviour is also observed in nature. In particular bonobo monkeys, where female to female genital rubbing is common (about once every two hours).
You've never tried tribbing in the missionary position? You should!
by Elizababe May 11, 2013
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when lesibans rub their vaginas together in a humping motion. usually works better when they are both shaved.
hey lisa you wana trib? whats that, ive never done it before. just trust me it feels good, you are shaved right? i try to teach tribbing as much as possible.
by reaper76 May 12, 2009
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When two women engage in lesbian sex and rub their genitals together for sexual gratification.
Claire and Veronica scissored their legs and ground their pussies together, "I love tribbing" Claire whispered in her lover's ear.
by Steve0371 July 29, 2009
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When two girls rub their pussy’s together, also known as scissoring. Rubbing their clits together makes for great sex and is so great. I’ve done it a lot, and you’ll never want to stop.
1:”I did tribbing with Jessica last night, I want her even more!”
2:”Girl that is so hot, do it with me?”
by redditwhore On IG June 11, 2019
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