36 definition by Curtis

1:remark made when astonished or shocked.
2:Catchphrase of the Cat "salem" in the TV show sabrina.
"Man Manchester United lost again tonight"

"mmm such great milkshakes"
"thats not milkshake, thats bleach"
by Curtis January 23, 2004

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The pop group Busted
"hey did you see Busted on TOTP"
"yeh, what a sack of crap"
"dont u hate the way the mime and do the shit jump thing"
"like i sed... sack of crap"
by Curtis July 09, 2004

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Red Neck Word
you didn't bring ur truck widchadiga???
by Curtis April 16, 2004

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Yo dizog, we goin to mah hizzy.
by Curtis September 20, 2003

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the greatest woman in the history of mankind even throug her problems she somehow finds time to make you feel loved to make you feel like the two of you are all that matter
comes from the mating of a kathy and a jeffery
omg i am so in love with that leaman!!
by curtis March 03, 2005

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Busted, if you can even call them a band
"hey did you see busted on TOTP"
"yeh, what a shit-ass band"
"there hardly even that really are they?"
by Curtis July 09, 2004

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Another name for a cash machine
"I just got a wad of notes out the jibber giver mesh"
by Curtis February 22, 2005

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