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ex. a)loran is sooo sexy!
b)i'm sooo jealous of austin and loran!
by curtis December 25, 2003
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Jul 29 Word of the Day
Someone who used to be a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, but no longer is.
Tim: Zack, is that your exgirlfriend?
Zack: No, she's an expotential. We never actually dated...
by brownsuite September 24, 2011
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Long Range Aid to Navigation.

ghetto navigation type now that we have GPS
my airplane still has a LORAN-C receiver.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 01, 2004
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Lorans have long blond curly hair. Their personality is so sweet and very christian. Has good head on shoulders.
There's a piece of Loran's hair on the floor. Why is it Loran's? Because its long and curly... DUH!
by txil January 02, 2012
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Loran is a great guy. He tries his best to be positive even if the time are tough. He has good friends but never seems to be able to have good frinds for a long time. Loran is a friend who will stick by ur side and be there for u if ur there for him.
Person a) Is that loran over there?
Person b) yea he always hangs with Ali and is suuuper loud
by Lorstar45 May 21, 2020
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This is the type of person who is too good to be real. He is very athletic and handsome. Lorans is an honest and a fair man who cares for his family and friends. He is a proper gentleman with humble ambitions, Lorans keeps his life private, he seems to be antisocial because he prefers a small circle of people he can trust. Nonetheless, he still does get a lot of girls. Being very dominant he does not take any shit from anybody and is considered cold and oftentimes heartless. He lives by a mindset "it is what it is" and rarely gives a fuck. Make him feel unwanted and boom, he is gone. Lorans is somebody who likes to prove people wrong, he LOVES being underestimated and lives in a whole other way.
Damn Lorans is such a savage!

Lorans is every girl's dream.
Does anybody have a bandaid? I hurt myself falling for Lorans!
by Blokerazor187 November 12, 2020
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