36 definition by Curtis

1. One who hordes pussy.
2. One who displays pussyish traits.
1. That dude is a pussy monger; look at him horde that pussy!
2. Look at that pussy monger run, he's scared shitless!
by Curtis February 05, 2005

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n. A giant black dude.
Agbd stole my television.
by Curtis December 20, 2003

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Someone who is very hot, that has a hard life, but pushes past life's problems looking for the good things.
That person is a mighty crissie
by Curtis March 06, 2005

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A high-spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl.
From earlier hoyden, a rude youth, probably from Dutch heiden, heathen, boor, from Middle Dutch
My friend Dawn is a true hoyden.
by Curtis March 23, 2005

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the place where a drunk boyfriend tries to stick it ,also known as the asshole.
Dustin got slapped after he tried to put it in Georgia's duker.
by Curtis December 16, 2003

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1. Part of Billie's body shown very often during his live shows and loved by most fangirls.

2. A slang term for someone who shows up uninvited.
What the fuck is she doing, hanging out in the westside LA? That eastside motherfucker's a Billie's butt!
by Curtis June 14, 2006

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a hot & sticky dump usually leaving your anus chafed & burning. cause by tacobell and many other fastfood chains
I'm goning to go take a hot squat, DAMN YOU TACO BELL!

That hot squat chafed my anus.
by Curtis December 30, 2004

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