36 definition by Curtis

balls that hang from the penis
shit i was jerking jangles the other day and my mom caught me
by curtis June 20, 2003

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Verb-to act like a ho
also, to treat like a ho, or to ignore, similar to "to whore"
"Keith, is that you're mom our hoin' on the corner?"
" I can't believe he hoed her like that."
by Curtis January 14, 2003

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mip (v) for any act of oral sex. mip was made popular in chicago public highschools such as Jones College Prep in the 02-03 school year.

However, mip is also often used as a meaningless buzzword (i.e. cool, hey, etc)
"what u been up to?"
"got some mip"


"been mippin'"

*somebody does something stupid/funny*
then yell "mip!"
by Curtis June 09, 2004

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One who is digustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous. skankslutwhore
"That girl is a scallywag, her pussy is like a colonie for STD's"
by curtis November 25, 2003

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Something Steph says when harshly disturbed or shocked. Usually due to Curtis' stupidity, or because he is readjusting his penis. Usually coupled with cruncing into the fetal position.
Me - "PELVIC THRUST!!!>_<"
Steph - "ERM!!!"
by Curtis August 23, 2004

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male tesicals (balls, nuts, testis) it is called lady berries becasue....lets just say the ladies liek the berries.
"dude , if you had any sort of lady berries youd go for it"

by curtis July 05, 2004

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Bullshit fed to little kiddies and geeks, who think that it is real and.or cool
"wwe can get a spoon and eat my ass"
by Curtis July 09, 2004

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