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Much Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love. A term used to explain how much clown love you have for the ICP.
I have MMFWCL for J and Shaggz
by Curtis February 14, 2005

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n. 1.) A sandwhich in the 'High Speech', from Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
2.) A word Loran often calls Austin, means he is cute and sexy.
ex.} "i miss you, popkin"
by curtis December 25, 2003

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what a guy says to a girl or what a girl says to a guy when they think the other is lookin good.
Dam girl, you lookin fine tonight lets make it happen!
by curtis October 06, 2003

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the sexiest person there is.
ex. a)loran is sooo sexy!
b)i'm sooo jealous of austin and loran!
by curtis December 25, 2003

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Now we're seeing eye to eye.
by Curtis September 20, 2003

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down-time: downtime

n : a period of time when you do absolutely nothing besides sit on your ass.
"I was so tired, i decided i needed to have a little downtime."
by curtis November 25, 2003

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A strict public school in Leawood, Kansas, and makes you want to go to a private school. While sitting in the office of this school you can watch the security tapes, or watch the fat kids come out of the nurses office with an ice pack. Mission Valley is also the school with the ESL (english as a second language) program where all the immagrants come from all around Kansas City and try to kill the kids from KCK. It's not very pleasant, some of the Chinese kids try to knife the Mexicans, and the Mexicans hit on the Blacks, while the blacks are into the white trash...its pretty much a horrible school.
Mission Valley Middle School is a place that you never want to go.
by Curtis June 17, 2006

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