36 definition by Curtis

A short girl, brownish-blondeish hair that is one of the biggest label whores on the face of the earth.
Someone who is rich and have so much hatred at the same time
by curtis November 22, 2004

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A phrase that is said when a person has just told a sad sad story to a person that doesn't care.
Teary eyed child: "My dog died"
Uncaring person: "Well, sucks to be you!"
by Curtis June 18, 2004

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somethhing that is wild,can't belive that just happend.
that bus just ran over that mother and her baby.
by curtis February 21, 2004

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Masterful quiz-giving teacher that is highly respected (and rummored to be hot).
Duggins' AP euro class is so cool i think im going to take it next year!
by Curtis November 22, 2004

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the word me and dave made up freshmen year
dave: this band is good
curt: wordalerd
by curtis February 14, 2005

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a homo preferly from san francisco.
a fag.
Your a shitstuffer.
by Curtis April 16, 2004

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a term used frequently during the use of narcotics (especially marijuana) to fill in gaps of silence in conversation.
momentary silence
"...Man...This...is the shit"
by curtis November 25, 2003

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