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When Donald Trump is in a debate with someone or responding to someone's opinion of him, he throws a tantrum like a five year old kid and name calls.
There Donald goes again doing the Trump Tantrum.
by Cubby Cubster August 15, 2016

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A small portion of something.
You only had a snibet of food left on your plate.
by Cubby Cubster May 27, 2016

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When a person is twerking and laughing so hard that they snort along with their twerking. It makes a funny sound that comes from their mouth, their throat, and their nose.......
I was so bad I snorkal twerked all over the place.
by Cubby Cubster August 15, 2016

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Someone who is known around town and flies above the radar but nobody knows what they are famous or known for......and having little to no talent..... Or a person that thinks that are famous and they are not....simply by who they hang around.......or a reality tv person at some point in their life. .......Facebook whore......who has so many "friends" and writes inspirational quotes, emotions and feelings......Ie: and known around town from Facebook
A neo-famous person can be a person who is, Facebook over friended, or over poster. Social butterfly who attends social events but can't really afford to do so. Someone who is known around town but has no talent and nobody knows what they are known for. Someone who had six seconds of fame on a reality tv show but is still clinging to that memory.
by Cubby Cubster April 16, 2014

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The weight we will gain by not being able to get out and live our lives. We are sitting dormant, watching Netflix and drinking nightly. Instead of the Freshman Fifteen we will have the Corona Fifteen and gain weight from Boredom.
Crap I hope the Corona Fifteen does not turn in to the Corona twenty. Hopefully quarantine will be over soon.
by Cubby Cubster April 17, 2020

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WHen a woman or man puts so much makeup on that it looks caked on. Just like the Kardashians.
That girl is so cakemaked she looks like a clown
by Cubby Cubster July 11, 2016

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When one is so sick of all of the massive exposure of the Kardashian"s marketing themselves that they just want to stay away from them or hearing about them in every way possible.
Don't put that channel on I will get the Kardashian Cooties......
by Cubby Cubster August 15, 2016

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