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A newsgroup / forum user who waits until someone else has answered someone's question, and then posts the same answer, slightly reworded, in order to try and get some credit (and an MVP nomination)
OP: Can someone help? How do I access ServerA from ServerB using ProgramA?
- User1: Just add a permission entry for ServerA in ProgramA
(30 minutes later)
- Post Poacher: All you need to do is edit ProgramA's permission settings to allow ServerA
- User1: Good work Einstein. How about coming up with your own thoughts for once?
by Crundy January 16, 2008
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A man who is being dragged around women's clothes shops during a sale and being used to carry around the hundreds of items their partner thinks they like the look of until they finally decide to pay.
Woman: Time to get up for the sales!
Man: Piss off, it's boxing day and I'm too hung over to be your sale clothes rail. Go by yourself
Woman: GET UP NOW!
Hmm, I like this. Hold this.
This would go nice with my shoes, hold this.
Hold these.
Do you think I'd look good in this? Can you hold it and I'll try it on.
I'll buy this, I can always bring it back. Hold this for me.
Actually, the queue is a bit long. We'll be here ages. Just leave all the stuff and we'll look in another shop instead.
by Crundy January 08, 2008
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The shortest possible measurement of time. Standardised as the time between the lights turning green and the taxi behind you beeping his horn.
He only lasted a new york second in bed
by Crundy October 30, 2007
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A particularly ugly woman. Named after the water filter that "reduces hardness".
"I didn't realise she was a brita until the morning when my beer googles had worn off"
by Crundy April 24, 2008
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An ugly woman with a seriously inflated sense of self importance and beauty, and is unnecessarily loud and bitchy. Named after a housemate from UK Big Brother 8
"Hey, she's pretty hot"
"No way man, she's a Charley"
by Crundy June 14, 2007
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"Your giant jang will rule the world"
"Increase your jang with us!!"
by Crundy April 08, 2008
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