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Ritual suicide by disembowelment. Some who commit seppuku have a second person decapitate them after the one who kills himself commits the disembowelment.
"After losing the battle, he felt seppuku was the only way out."
by crono June 29, 2003

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Japanese rock music.
I have a collection of great J-rock I got from Tokyo.
by Crono February 20, 2003

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What makes you laugh or be happy.
That comedian had a great sense of humor
by Crono February 20, 2003

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A mecha-combat game based on the Battletech literature/board-game series. Very popular because nothing beats giant mecha robots blowing shit up.
Mechwarrior 4 kicks ass.
by Crono August 27, 2003

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Delicious and addictive (yet overrated) snackfood. Primary source of food for obsessed anime nerds, especially at anime conventions (places you probably will want to avoid at all costs). Green tea Pocky isn't bad.
"I bought four boxes of Pocky a while ago, and everyone around me ate it. Aww."
by crono June 29, 2003

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The former tournament champion of UT
Xan was owned by Malcom
by Crono November 06, 2004

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Worst PC game ever made. Was actually created by the same guy who made the awesome DOOM and Quake series.
At least you can recycle the Daikatana CD jewel case, and the CD fits quite nicely in the trash can.
by Crono March 18, 2003

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