Worst PC game ever made. Was actually created by the same guy who made the awesome DOOM and Quake series.
At least you can recycle the Daikatana CD jewel case, and the CD fits quite nicely in the trash can.
by Crono March 18, 2003
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John Romero also made a Nintendo 64 version of this game which is even WORSE than the PC version.
Daikatana is basically about shooting robotic frogs and mosquitos in a dull green environment.
by AYB April 3, 2003
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A game programmed by the developer John Romero of ID Software fame;A way of expressing delays in gaming.
Hey Shigeru Miyamoto, don't you dare pull a Daikatana on us! You've already held back Zelda 3 damn years!
by OniLink9000isgay March 18, 2003
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1. PC game created by id software. Considered by many to be crap.

2. Effective beer coaster.
1. "Hey dude, I bought Daikatana for $2.95!"

2. "Wow, what a cool coaster! Where do I get one?"
by Icecap Veiwin July 30, 2005
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