A mecha-combat game based on the Battletech literature/board-game series. Very popular because nothing beats giant mecha robots blowing shit up.
by Crono August 27, 2003
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Almost anybody who pilots a BattleMech. There are a some n00bs out there who think they are Mechwarriors, but they ain't! They wind up smok'n wrecks not long out of the spawn. It takes a real Mechwarrior to take down a 100 ton Dashi with a 45 ton Shaddowcat.
That Glendor, now he's a real Mechwarrior.
by Mech Driver October 7, 2005
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MechWarrior is a Sci Fi fictional universe and Series of novels, board games and video games based off of the 1980s FASA Corporation Battletech. MechWarrior and Battletech is literally the Same Thing.
Did you hear about The new MechWarrior Table top Game coming out?
by 82nd Heavy Unicorn Division October 16, 2021
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