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any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.
The 6% guaranteed interest payments from Bill's investments earn him about 12 million dollars per year. His standard of living only requires approximately $4,000,000 per year. He will never need to be employed by anyone. He has "fuck you money".
by crimson May 04, 2003
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A player who may or may not be new to a game, but insists on doing brainless things, especially things that hinder the team. Those who are defined as "n00bs" will also refuse to listen to words of wisdom or, even worse, berate those who try to help.
j00 n00b I'm going to report you to n00bstories.com
by Crimson February 01, 2004
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Prep school in Morristown, NJ. One of the better independent schools around, this institution drips with tradition and history. From the street, Mo-Beard looks like a country club and on the inside, the new Beard Hall looks amazing. Despite the high price tag (about $22,000) a year, MBS has its share of wealth, evident among the students--fashion and cars. The student body is uber-prep--sporting the latest Brooks Brothers, JCrew or Vera Bradley trends.

With diplomas in hand, Mo-Beard sends its graduates to preppy colleges, including Bates, Union, Dickinson, Villanova and Hamilton, as well as a few Ivies.
Morristown-Beard is the preppiest of places in affluent Morris County.
by Crimson December 14, 2004
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An ancient Christian mythological artifact. The Spear of Destiny refers to the legendary spear point that was used to kill Jesus on the cross at the hands of a Roman soldier. Passed down through history, this artifact purportedly bestows supernatural powers upon the weilder. It is sometimes believed to be a focus for the powers of evil, as in the 2005 film, "Constantine."

The fictional artifact disappeared after WWII. However, an actual artifact of this description has been scientifically examined during contemporary times and found to have originated many centuries later than legend claimed.
The Spear of Destiny in his hand, the man became posessed by evil and indefeatable.
by Crimson February 21, 2005
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Also known as Princess Meredith NeEssus from the Laurell K. Hamilton 3-novel series about fae. Merry Gentry is a detective in Los Angeles that is also co-heir with her cousin to the UnSeelie throan. She has to be with child in three years in order to obtain it. She sleeps with many of the royal guard. Books highly erotic.
By Laurell K. Hamilton
by Crimson September 14, 2004
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Pang Tong was a very gifted strategic genius that worked for the Shu kingdom. He was turned down by various warlords around the country because of his unusual appearance, one of the more noticable rejections was from Sun Ce, a descision he would later regret. He came across his old friend and workmate, Zhuge Liang who offered him a promising position in his kingdom by asking him to send a letter to his master, Liu Bei. Upon reaching the kingdom Pang Tong had a conversation wit Liu Bei, but chose to withdraw Zhuge Liangs letter. Pang Tong was immediatley put as a prefect in a region of the Shu kingdom that he was overqualified for. When Liu Bei heard of Pang Tongs unusual actions in the region he went personally to deal with him. Upon reaching the fort where Pang Tong resided he said, "I do not wish to be given a job without having to work for it". This impressed Liu Bei very much and Pang Tong showed Liu Bei the letter. Pang Tong was immediatley put sharing the same position as his friend Zhuge Liand and lead many victories together
It was Pang Tong who decided to chain Weis fleet together and sealing their fate.
by Crimson February 15, 2004
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A kickass vampire slayer from the Laurell K. Hamilton books. She dates a vamp... but that doesn't mean that she can't kill 'em! Sleeps with a stuffed penguin and a Browning handgun. Works for Animators Inc. and the Police.
"She's kickass!"
"She sleeps with what she kills."
by Crimson September 14, 2004
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