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An individual that sucks the life out of your emotionally.
She is toxic, in her own misery she will suck the life out of you, she is an emotional vampire.
by Creativelingo January 18, 2021
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The investigative franchise of formal president Trump's unethical presidency. From the imprisonment of children, separating them indefinitely from their parents to the incitement of domestic terrorism.
Formal President Trump becomes the biggest Loser of all presidents with his "Trumpgate" scandals and investigation, making "Nixon's Watergate" scandal seem like a misdemeanor.
by Creativelingo January 25, 2021
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A waiter/waitress/server that is persuasive and charming at his or her table and knows how to use their charm to suggest and or recommend the up sale.
Roy is the Table Cobra at Maria's Italian Resturant in Cape Coral, Florida because when he arrives to greet his table, they are hypnotized by his suggestive charm, talking his guests into ordering a $34 entree.
by Creativelingo May 4, 2021
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An individual that wakes up cranky, unsociable and irritated, taking their frustrations out on others.
My daughter knew she had to wake up early this morning for her doctor's appointment, instead she chose to stay on Tik Tok until 4am, waking up as a sleepless dragon!
by Creativelingo July 26, 2020
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They lined up right behind each other, and went right at it in a linked chain assembly of La Cadenita de Amor?
by Creativelingo January 25, 2021
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A loyal fan or groupie of the Mexican American Hip Hop band Kinto Sol.
After their concert, the band members of Kinto Sol met with their Kinto Soldados back stage to sign autographs.
by Creativelingo January 25, 2021
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