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noun; doors that can be aftermarket or stock on a car, where the door is hinged from the roof and opens vertically. Examples can be seen on the Mercedes 300SL or the Delorean
The Mercedes SLS AMG has the same gullwing doors the 300SL had when it was introduced over 50 years ago.
by Crazybmws January 10, 2012
noun: the place that served cold or perishable items are stored to keep them cold, only refers to a place that is not electrically, gas, or motor powered; does not necessarily have to refer to the ghetto, one can have a ghetto freezer for convenience.
Gangster 1 : Hey dawg where da milk at?
Gangster 2 : Yo, it's in the ghetto freezer cause I couldn't pay the electric bill.
Gangster 1 : Dumbass!

Zack: Welcome to the party, all the booze is out back in the ghetto freezer, there was not enough space in the fridge so we had to put them in the snow.
by Crazybmws February 15, 2010
noun; a collection of titillating imagery and/or movies that can be easily accessed from any mobile device as well as your computer without using space on either. This allows for the ultimate in clandestine masturbatory activities without alerting anyone as to where you keep your "stash". Best used with people who view their porn on multiple devices or on shared computers.
I got a free 50 gb account with box.net and I'm going to use it as a place to store my cloud porn.
by Crazybmws November 22, 2011
British slang; impossibly drunk and so far gone that indescribable things will happen. The worst possible case of being drunk, above battered.
Whoa mate, you're shell. I'll call a taxi.
by Crazybmws December 12, 2011
noun; a wealthy patron to a casino, gets paid special attention by a casino host so the patron will feel comfortable to gamble more money.
My whale just walked in. He is hosting the Ferrari convention downstairs.
by Crazybmws June 22, 2011
noun: refers to the airplanes that fly between McCarren International airport in Las Vegas to Area 51. The acronym Janet stands for "just another non-existent terminal". The planes that ferry the people that work there are white with red stripes and have no apparent number markings and no other markings besides those red stripes on white.
Oh cool! It's Janet Air...I wonder why I can see it up so close....
by Crazybmws August 13, 2010
A look that is given to someone who does not belong, either in terms of location, attitude, or gender. The look is related to the cold shoulder, however much more offensive and usually done to someone you don't know. Best described as if the person wanted to pounce on your face but was restraining themselves.
I came back to my dorm and there were literally 20 girls standing in the hall talking. And all of them managed to give me a cold stare as I passed. All I could say was "I live here..."
by Crazybmws December 12, 2011