Beating someone else at something. Used in the same context as "Trumping" someone, only used as overpowering a Trump.
Person A: "You can't Trump Trump!"
Person B: "I just O'Donnelled your Trump!"
by Jordanface! December 10, 2007
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ALT 1: To have sex that you can pretend isn't sex, typically because it doesn't involve vaginal penetration. Requires delusional level of religious belief involving purity vows, etc.

ALT 2: To masturbate

Sexual euphemism reflecting media clusterfuck around Christine O'Donnell, bizarre non-sex lobbyist who is/was the teabagger 2010 Republican US Senate candidate in Delaware.
Dan Savage, Savage Love | Letter of the Day | 9/20/10:
Considering 1. his presence every time you're messing around with her (surely the library, the living room, or your room would've occurred to him if he were uncomfortable being in the same room while you fingered / O'DONNELLED his girlfriend) and 2. the limitations she's placed on the sex she's willing to have with you, and 3. his tendency to suddenly "show interest" after you've been messing around with his girlfriend (at which point you "move over" and, presumably, out), I'm thinking your girlfriend's primary partner has a bit of cuckolding lite/sperm competition syndrome thing going.
by Delaware Dave September 21, 2010
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The standard unit of volume of a fart. 1 Rosie O'Donnell is equivalent to 20 oz. of farts.
person 1: "Man I blew the biggest fart last night!"
person 2: "Really? how big was it?"
person 1: "I dont konw, but it mus have been at least 2 Rosie O'Donnells."
person 2: "Holy shit, 2 O'Donnells?!"
by iddup May 9, 2011
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The clotty vignal discharge of a yeast infection.

Also, an extreme right wing, anti-mastubation Senatorial candidate from Delaware.
I wanted to sleep with her but she said she had O'donnell.
by LA Watcher October 18, 2010
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The O’Donnell is a humanlike predator of older and often deteriorating in health women. The O’Donnell studies charismatic humans, often celebrities, and learns their ways to help draw in their prey. With their learned charisma, which includes flamboyant dances, oversized smiles, and counterfeit laughs, The O’Donnell is able to lure elderly women away from their husbands, doctors and retirement homes. While the initial intention appears to be a sexual advance, the unlucky women who falls into the trap of The O’Donnell quickly finds out it isn’t sex they are after, but rather their bank account.
example #1:

Grandson: "My grandmother doesn't have enough money to send me a gift for my 10th Birthday"
Friend: "Sounds like she met an O'Donnell"

example #2:
elderly woman: "I really thought I was going to score with that young-Tom Cruise-looking fella, but then he started asking about my life insurance policy.... Must be an O'Donnell"
by thepreacherman June 27, 2012
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"I don't want the rest of this burger, i'll just shove it in the O'Donnell"
by Dwyer, The May 12, 2003
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Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who threw 4 interceptions in the Superbowl against the Dallas Cowboys.
O'Donnell was clearly paid off by the mob to throw those interceptions in the superbowl. No quarterback could take his team to the big game & throw 4 interceptions without doing it on purpose.
by rex ingeniosum November 26, 2003
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