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The Mother Road. Current maps do not include old Route 66. Route 66 is 2448 miles long. (about 4000 km)

Route 66 was commissioned in 1926, picking up as many as possible bits and pieces of existing road. Route 66 crosses 8 states and 3 time zones.
Route 66 starts in Chicago, and ends in L.A. (Santa Monica).

Some people think driving it in the opposite direction is historically wrong, but it's mainly a lot harder as all available documentation goes the "right" way. In 1926 only 800 miles of Route 66 were paved. Only in 1937 Route 66 got paved end-to-end.

You can only drive parts of Route 66 these days... it has been replaced by the interstate highways I-55, I-44, I-40, I-15 and I-10, but still a surprisingly high amount of old road is waiting to be found by the more adventurous traveler.

Route 66 is also know as "The Mother Road", "The Main Street of America" and "The Will Rogers Highway".
During all of its life, Route 66 continued to evolve, leaving many abandoned stretches of concrete, still waiting to be found by the more curious and patient traveler.

Route 66 was also the title of a TV series playing from 1960 till 1964
Cyrus Stevens Avery from Tulsa Oklahoma can be called the father of Route 66
In 1985 Route 66 was officially decommissioned, but for daily use it was replaced far earlier by the Interstates.

The National Historic Route 66 Federation is the worldwide, nonprofit organization dedicated to directing the public's attention to the importance of U. S. Highway Route 66 in America's cultural heritage and acquiring the federal, state and private support necessary to preserve the historic landmarks and revitalize the economies of communities along the entire 2,400-mile stretch of road.
Some parts of old route 66 are very cool, e.g. the General Store in Hackberry Arizona. The original highway went from Chicago to Los Angeles.
by Cosmicstargoat May 04, 2004
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Texas holdem poker is the world's greatest and most popular poker game. The game is played with each player getting 2 cards down and then there are 5 community cards, face up on the table, for all to play. After looking at the hold cards there is a round of betting, the flop, which consists of 3 cards face up on the table, another round of betting, the turn, one card face up on the table, and finally the river, which is the last card up. The most popular variation is no limit Texas Holdem.
The best thing about The World Poker Tour and Texas Holdem Poker is Shana Hiatt's tits
by Cosmicstargoat April 23, 2004
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You'll snap shit when you go to the war soldier, or you'll come back in a rubber sack.
by Cosmicstargoat May 14, 2004
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A shrill, whistling fart, usually stinky and may be slightly wet.
Ed cut a spleecher that smelled like death warmed over.
by Cosmicstargoat February 04, 2004
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Not a spleecher or a barfoom in that the originator of these stinkbombs cannot be detected until it is too late.
Some broccoli-munching vegan cut a silent but deadly stinkbomb on the bus. Eat meat, twerp!
by Cosmicstargoat April 22, 2004
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A loud fart, usually made while sitting in a chair, the gas and sound waves spreading out in all directions. Opposite of a spleecher
During the Sales Meeting, Henry left loose with a thunderous barfoom and everyone snickered.
by Cosmicstargoat February 04, 2004
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