a company with a funny duck who says aflac as a slogan. aflac as an interjection can be used as well when you can't think of something to say, but you know you should talk.
#1: Maxzilla where's your homework?
#2: Aflac!
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
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What this duck says in a commercial. Also used in social situations when somebody says something embarrassing or socially awkward and you want to break the silence.
(A group of people are chatting)
Dave: Did any of you ever know that I have three testicles?
Rest of group: ............
(Long awkward pause)
You: AFLAC!!!!!!!!!!
by bobertdude September 10, 2007
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The Logo for an insurance company.
The logo is a DUCK!
Your boot so old it look like its about to say AFLAC!!
by Micheal J Kwok June 29, 2006
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An American Life Insurance company that has a line of commercials featuring a duck that mysteriously acquires the abnormally-loud voice of Gilbert Godfried. The unnamed duck can only say the name of the Life Insurance company he, for some unexplained reason, endorses: "Aflac." The duck has the ability to appear anywhere in the world where a Life Insurance-related conversation is taking place. However, no human can actually hear his "advice."
Davo: Now, act like a duck!
Luis: Aflac!
by HugeBreasticle April 10, 2005
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A health insurance company who has a duck for a mascot that says "AFLAC!!!"
Duck: AFLAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Link December 28, 2003
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We thought he was buggin' on pot, actually, he was havin' an Aflac
by 2bfranc May 06, 2016
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Leftover girls in a bar or club you are insured to get with at the end of the night.
Time to get an aflac them insurance bitches.
by Biggss April 19, 2016
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