26 definitions by Cosmicstargoat

What floats on water and weighs the same as a witch.
When asked by Sir Benomir, what also floats, King Authur exclaimed "A duck".
by Cosmicstargoat January 30, 2004
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An insurance salesperson who is continually frustrated by humans who refuse to listen.
by Cosmicstargoat June 05, 2004
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When it is no longer necessary to suck up to Corporate America in order to earn a living. This means giving up crowded airports, unnecessary meetings, a Sales Manager that is 20 years your junior telling you how badly that you suck, Action Plans, Quotas, more meetings, a business suit, white shirt and tie, ulcers and stomach cramps.

Being genuinely retired means that you began long ago to plan for the future and can now tell everyone except Mother Nature and Father Time to 'kiss ass'
I am retired, so leave me alone.
by Cosmicstargoat June 16, 2004
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What happens after flirtation
Jazell ened up pregnant with Tyronne's baby after they started going steady
by Cosmicstargoat February 10, 2004
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A variation of the card game savage injun that is not recommended for rational, sober poker players. In the original game of savage injun there are two cards dealt, face down to all players. The players then hold the cards up to their foreheads, face out,(like an Indian's feathers on a head-dress) where you cannot see your own cards, but all of your opponents can see your cards. You bet on your knowledge of the other player's cards.

In the doctor pepper version (not recommended), the game is complicated by having wild cards of 10-2-4. Not for the feint of heart.
Willie shot Tyronne dead after losing to him in three straight hands of dr. pepper savage injun.
by Cosmicstargoat April 27, 2004
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When the thingamajig is in the hand -or- the hand is in the thingamajig, but the thingamajig is not in the thingamajig
Timberlake dude's action with Janet Jackson was merely a flirtation, dude.
by Cosmicstargoat February 10, 2004
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