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A Comedian famous for his race humor. Has recently been given a show called "Mind of Mencia". He is highly unimaginative since the only thing he can do is play the Race Card. Which is almost as bad as constantly using the "I'm a guy, we're not complicated" Card which most other unimaginative comedians use. I hope he can think of some new material for his and his shows sake.
Carlos Mencia can make fun of retarded people too! DER DER DER!
by CorrodedBeing August 31, 2005

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a day to celebrate that you havent died in in the last year
"its my birthday!"
"Whoopdy fucking doo"
by CorrodedBeing December 23, 2004

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the smallest particle of matter, contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons are contained in the nucleus while the electrons revolve around the nucleus at immense speeds
the only real definition on this page
by CorrodedBeing December 18, 2004

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1.to strongly dislike something without knowing the facts, or by using false information

2.what 50% of the people using this website have for the united states.
some of these people throw around words like facist, imperialist, arrogant, and ignorant to make people think they're smart.
Generalizing 270,000,000 people is a little hard, but they manage to do it.
Yes, yes I know, we are egocentric, megalomaniacal, capitalist bastards. Your the 15th person who's said it today.
by CorrodedBeing May 21, 2005

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Heavy Metal band with David Draiman as their vocalist, Fuzz as their bass player, Dan Donegan at guitar, and Mike Wengren at drums. Known as the best band to grace the presence of Rap/Alternative Metal. One of the only bands some prepubescents would call satanic but if you actually listen to their lyrics, they are actually slightly religious. They can range from all out screaming (like in their infamous "child abuse" bit in "Down With the Sickness" not on radio version) to soothing (like in "Darkness")
My favorite band.....
Disturbed came together in 1997....biatch
by CorrodedBeing November 30, 2004

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The Pheonix risen from the broken bands Soundgarden and Rage Against the machine. Chris Cornell leads de la Rocha's old buddies Tom Morello, Timmy Commerfield, and Brad Wilk as their vocalist in this Post-Grunge/Alt-Rock band. Their self-titled album audioslave contains such classics as Like a Stone, Chochise, Shadow of the Sun (used on the Collateral soundtrack, and I am the highway.
Drown, if you want
And I'll see you at the bottom
Where you crawl
On my skin
And put the blame on me
So you don't feel a thing

by CorrodedBeing December 04, 2004

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"religion is a failed attempt to explain our reason, & our meaning. Just books of unrealistic and unbelievable stories."
-me, me, and me

or if your religious...

the belief, usually by a large group, which usually explains the creation of life, morals, and reason for life. often with an after-life or reincarnation which can either be bad (hell) or good (heaven). Usually is theistic with one or more gods and in some groups, has an underworld keeper like Satan which is the symbol of everything evil.

smaller groups which follow these guidelines are called cults
boy would god smite me if he heard me say that first part
by CorrodedBeing November 30, 2004

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