One who gets thrills off getting naked with freshmen in college more than 2 times a day.
I met this nice freshmen today, so i took her to my house and we did the "donegan".
by Patrick March 7, 2005
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In Irish, Donegan means "man with dark/ brown hair". But the name Donegan means more than that. It is a royal Irish name, and in America, it is synonymous with the classically envious triple-threat of physical characteristics: Tall, Dark, and Handsome."

Donegan males are usually blessed with the innate ability to consume alcohol like a demi-god, leading-man good looks, natural athleticism, above average intelligence, a great head of dark hair, a great sense of humor, a height of over 6 feet tall, and last but not least, Donegan men are very HUMBLE and not in any way narcissistic!
Girl 1: That Donegan boy is a total stud
Girl 2: He sure is... Mr. tall, dark, and handsome.
Girl 1: I'm going to bear his children.
Girl 2: Not if I have his babies first!
by yaboymd January 21, 2019
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another word for gay used in part of europe. commonly defined as geeky or 'square' due to the homosexuals unique apperearence
''i saw donegan walk down the road today''

''now you need to be ethnically cleansed''
by idid June 25, 2006
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The sweetest boy you will ever see. Strong and independent yet caring and soft. He has the best Irish accent you will ever see.
Jacob donegan is my best friend
Yeah hes always there for us🙃
by Tik_tokboys2019 June 20, 2019
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