A type of wrong grammar, as it could not be used in a single question: What that mean? This phrase could be used at the end of a question sentence, but there must be an 's' following the 'mean': Do you know what that means? This is already accepted in the English Language, as the phrase is often used in the public.
A: Fk you!
B: What that mean?
C: (Raise his middle finger)
B: What that mean once again?
A: To have sex that mean.
by 79797979797979 May 26, 2016
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Term used by non-native english-speaking Asians when in doubt of the meaning of something. ("What does that mean?" in regular english). Must be said with an Asian accent.

Coined by Covino and Rich on MAXIM Radio.
Back in the day, which was a Wednesday, Covino had an Asian classmate named Chu who didn't understand any slang due to the fact that he didn't speak english very well. Anytime slang was used, Chu would say, "What dat mean?".
by C&R Fan umbepo October 29, 2006
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what you be sayin dog?
weird guy:what dat mean?dork:it means shut up you dum dum dummy!
by daydreamer96 December 22, 2006
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Something Deepan says when people rinse him.
Anyone: Deepan you're stupid/lazy/a loser

Deepan:What d'you mean man!?
by will mundy November 20, 2003
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A verbal prank commonly used by in a conversation, with the intent of annoying the listener. In this prank, there are two parties having a conversation: person A (the pranked) and person B (the pranker). Person A makes a simple, innocent remark with no double meanings. Person B initiates the prank and replies, "I know what THAT means" (note the emphasis on the word "that").

The prank is that person A begins to feel insecure or uncomfortable about what they have said, because the phrase, "I know what THAT means" gives the impression that person B misunderstood what was said (i.e. thinks it has a sexual meaning, or thinks they're lying about something). Person A is completely unaware that person B is just trying to annoy them.

After this, person B could proceed to only say, "I know what THAT means."
Dwight (person A): Hey man, I just remembered, that new Eminem album is out today! Wanna go get it?
Jim (person B): I know what THAT means...
Dwight: Um, what do you...think it means?
Jim: I know what THAT means...
Dwight: **quizzical look on face** um, all I asked was, wanna get the new Eminem album...?
Jim: I know what THAT means...
Dwight: **getting kind of annoyed** do you wanna get the new Eminem album or not?
Jim: I know what THAT means...
Dwight: **more annoyed** what does it mean?! Eminem album or not?
Jim: I know what THAT me--
Dwight: **angry** WHAT? WHAT?!
Jim: I know wh--
Dwight: WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!! WHAT??!!
by A Person Named January 31, 2014
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a phrase used to make sure the other person in a conversation is listen and can comprehend. Usually followed by a laugh, or a "Hear what im sayin?"
Yesterday i met this tease, know what i mean
by gravey November 13, 2004
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