9 o'clock means when your crush is near.
Alya: Marinette! 9 o'clock!

Marinette: No, there's no 9 o'clock showing.

Alya: Not that 9 o'clock, that 9 o'clock!

*Alya points to crush*
by WhatsAPsuedonym? October 6, 2020
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is it 9 o'clock ?
by glizzyy123 September 11, 2022
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"Ready for the next match"

"Sorry guys, it's 9 o'Clock I gotta go to bed"
by Awesomeguysly32 November 20, 2011
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(also 9 O'clock watershed)

The rule whereby British TV companies can't show "adult" programmes before 9pm.
by Powysian September 24, 2006
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the nine o'clock rule protects our right to not care anything before 9 AM
8:30 AM

teacher: "wake up!"
student: "fuck that, 9 o'clock rule."
by 9amrule September 21, 2006
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When recieving (head) the girl gurgles alcohol in her mouth. Be sure to (ejaculate) into her mouth, to create a mixture with the alcohol. She then spits the creamy combination onto your (pubic hairs). Once the combonation has hit the body light it on fire, and let it burn. This should create a clean and fresh shave, looking like a 9 o'clock shadow.
Bob got an awesome 9 o'clock shadow from Heather.
by Sham Clarence January 25, 2008
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A playful children's song that is actually about getting a blowjob at kennywood before closing time.
Yo I was with Jamie at 9 o'clock behind the jackrabbit.
by afdgh11 March 20, 2017
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