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Stands for: "No Financial Interest"

Posted on message boards when promoting a product where you do not benefit from the sale. This indicates you aren't getting financially compensated and helps validate your recommendation.
Butt cheek chafing? You should try Boudreaux's Butt paste (NFI). My friend tried it and it works great.

(as a side note, there is such a thing: buttpaste.com, and I have no financial interest in this product ... and neither I nor any friends have tried it)
by Cool ET May 19, 2005
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Someone who is a billionaire (net worth over a billion dollars), but whose monetary collection consists entirely of pennies (or other coins).
Scrooge McDuck is a pillionaire.
by Cool ET December 15, 2005
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Derived from artsy fartsy, this phrase is used to describe someone who created a piece of work deemed artsy-fartsy, and is being a bit too in-depth and knowledgeable (often full of bs) about it.
At an art opening:
Artist: ... and the black canvas represents my pain, much as Hieronymus Bosch used fantastic, demon-filled scenes to display a tragic view of human existence ...
Patron (whispering to friend): Dude, this chick is way too artsy-smartsy for her own good. I can't listen to this crap much longer.
by Cool ET June 02, 2005
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A variation of yellow fever (which is derived from asian fever). It is the Asian version of jungle fever, where an individual (often white-male) is obsessed with individual(s) of Asian decent (often females).
He only eats sushi so he can check out the waitresses ... he's got a bad case of bamboo fever.

A: His last 3 girlfriends have been asian?
B: Yeah, his bamboo fever is out of control.
by Cool ET May 16, 2005
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One who does not/can not see all the potential positive benefits of technology. These feelings are often derived from and can be attributed to a lifelong confusion towards complex systems and products. Members of this group almost certainly majored in a liberal arts subject (as opposed to engineering).
When I pulled out my Treo 660, Jaime ran away. I tried text-messaging her, but she never replied. What a technology pessimist! If only she knew what she was missing...
by Cool ET June 03, 2005
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Chinese netspeak espression for laughter; a silly and naive giggle.

Note: xixi is also the Portuguese word for pee, so one needs to be careful of the context in which it is used.
AznGrl1: omg, ur online!
AznGrl2: xixi!!
AznGrl2: of course I am!!
AznGrl1: lol...

AsianGirl: ur great! xixi!!!
BrazilianGuy: WTF?
by Cool ET February 28, 2006
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