Chinese netspeak espression for laughter; a silly and naive giggle.

Note: xixi is also the Portuguese word for pee, so one needs to be careful of the context in which it is used.
AznGrl1: omg, ur online!
AznGrl2: xixi!!
AznGrl2: of course I am!!
AznGrl1: lol...

AsianGirl: ur great! xixi!!!
BrazilianGuy: WTF?
by Cool ET February 28, 2006
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The closing salutation in an email from a guy to his love interest, indicating that he is sending her kisses and "really misses her". An alternative to xoxo if you are really feeling her.
(insert body of email)


(insert name)
by socrates+ March 2, 2006
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Xixi is a smart, kind, pretty, loving person. If you ever meet a xixi treasure them and keep them forever. They are never mean and they are amazing at art. Nicest people ever and are always there for you
by Loggghhhh August 9, 2019
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