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Whatever bodily liquid you wake up in from the night before.
Person 1.I must have had a really awsomr dream last night my bed was soaked when I woke up.

Person 2.Dude! Tmi I don't need to know how your morning water came about!
by Conker1 October 05, 2016

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When your girlfriends breasts are warm from the night before
My girlfriend was soo warm this morning

She probably had morning breast enjoy it buddy!
by Conker1 October 04, 2016

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A town off the expressway with no way to get around unless you drive. Literally the middle of nowhere
Person 1: I can't seem to get around efficiently where I live

Person 2. I feel you man you must be in hauppauge
by Conker1 November 28, 2016

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To be a total prick to someon who is terrified of thunderstorms
Person 1. I hear thunder in the distance

Person 2. Ha ha you were always afraid of thunderstorms even growing up!

Person 1. I know but you were always a thunder dick even back then to!
by Conker1 October 06, 2016

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The stuff on your eyelid when you wake up
Person 1:I was soo tired this morning

Person 2: yea man I see you still have your morning crust on your eyes!
by Conker1 October 05, 2016

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A dumb company no one has ever heard of who bought devonshire for some unknown reason probably to throw people out while they make the place "nice" with the idea of eventually overcharging everyone who lives there.
Person 1. It is soo expensive where I live

Person 2. Yea I hear you, bainbridge bought the place home properties used to own it.

Person 1.home properties or bainbridge they both suck!
by Conker1 December 01, 2016

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A mixture of both you and your significant others love juice
Person 1:I had the best sex last night

Person 2: yea I bet you did I see your coitus cream on ur shirt
by Conker1 October 04, 2018

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