A dumb company no one has ever heard of who bought devonshire for some unknown reason probably to throw people out while they make the place "nice" with the idea of eventually overcharging everyone who lives there.
Person 1. It is soo expensive where I live

Person 2. Yea I hear you, bainbridge bought the place home properties used to own it.

Person 1.home properties or bainbridge they both suck!
by Conker1 December 01, 2016
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An overly long or proportionally incorrect foreskin
"the docking party was great until David joined in with his Bainbridge".

"when I started to go down on him I couldn't help but notice a smegma filled Bainbridge".
by Bruce Reihana August 18, 2011
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Small town right above Tallahassee, FL, but it's in GA. There's absolutely NOTHING to here except get into everyone's business. It has about 15 traffic lights. One Highschool that sits almost in another city(not really but it is in the middle of no where). It has a mall, which is only a shopping plaza. Everyone knows everybody. If you're in a relationship here, you're probably getting cheated on or doing the cheating. The main attraction is the Boat Basin(nothing special about it, except gigantic mosquitoes, stank animals, a fake beach area, tore up playground equipment, and a camp ground that looks like a Walking Dead scene at night). The main road is Shotwell street, which has basic restaurants(no wining and dining at these), gas stations, grocery stores, and the hospital, which looks like a clinic and the staff is super slow, so don't go there if you're having a life or death situation (you might not make it to see the next day). Most people who live here are struggling because they only make about 3.00 an hour. The small percentage of those middle class people, who are doing good for themselves and balling out of control work at the Crate Factory and make about 7.00 hour. The successful people are making between 10.00-12.00 an hour. Last but not least they do have a small state college (Bainbridge State College) which is smaller than the HS, but if you do obtain a degree, you'll have to commute really far or just move, because they're absolutely no jobs here.
I'm from Bainbridge, Ga.
by ~The Kid~ February 22, 2017
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The part of one's back unitchable without assistance from an object or other entity.
She teased his itchy bainbridge with her tongue before gratifying his insatiable yern with the grit of her pealescent toothy grin.
by Wained July 21, 2015
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Also known as Lamebridge, B Town or just the bridge. Bainbridge is a middle/upper-class suburb of Cleveland east of Chagrin Falls but way better than Chagrin. Kids from Bainbridge go to Kenston school dictrict are are pretty good at every sport and academically. The bombers have a lot of rivals with the main one being Chagrin. While Chagrin kids are either wannabe emos or snotty rich kids, Kenston kids are pretty nice and know how to party. All your kid really needs is a North Face fleece and a pair of birkenstocks.

Theres no real crime other than an occasional deer running into a store so the Bainbridge police have nothing better to do than arrest kids for underage drinking. If you graduate from Kenston not having been arrested, kudos. The police blotters in the Chagrin Valley Times were one of the highlights of my week.

Theres not much to do until someone's parents go out of town so kids hang out at Giant Eagle (G Eagle, GE, Geagle) on the weekends and sip Natty Light. On any given Friday or Saturday your guaranteed to find a group of kids looking for something to do.
"Hey whats going on in Bainbridge?" "I don't know lets get a bottle and go to Geagle to see who whos there."
by Kenston grad February 02, 2008
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where a ton of rich whte kids live.
bainbridge kids all wanna be like poulsbo kids, pregnant and gangsta
by Nathaniel Reebus October 11, 2007
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An island in Puget Sound near Seattle with good schools, beautiful scenery, and lots of liberals, lawyers and technology CEOs. Though it has a tendancy to create its own isolated "bubble" of a world, it is overall a very nice place to live. Unless of course you are a teenager, in which case it kind of sucks.

Coffee is one of the most important things to the survival of islanders, second only to the ferry boats connecting it to Seattle. The island revolves completely around the ferry schedule.

BI is stereotyped throughout Washington as a bunch of rich snobs. They are confusing BI with Mercer Island. Though it is a very affluent area, lots of the people who live there are very nice.

It is also a hot spot for liberal politics. In the 2004 election, Kerry won 73% of the vote. In every one of the 22 precincts, Kerry was given at least a 2-1 victory.

Bainbridge is mobbed by tourists in the summer, much to the dismay of islanders who are just trying to walk down Winslow Way without being blocked by gaggles of Californians. Considering that Bainbridge is lacking in things to do, this does not make much sense at all.
Tourists should stay off Bainbridge Island because there isn't that much to do there anyway.

Bainbridge Island is totally superior to North Kitsap and kicks their ass regularly.
by another bainbridge snob November 28, 2006
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