the greatest story ever written. it has suspense, violence and more, and all this in the first 289 lines, the latin gcse set text!
"When i get a job, I want to translate Virgil for a living"
by Virgil March 1, 2005
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The epic poem by Publius Vegilius Maro, or Vergil who wrote it for augustus caesar about the adventures of Aeneas, (SPOILER ALERT!) from the receiving of the Trojan Horse, to the killing of Turnus,
The Aeneid translation of Roberts Fagles is the best book ever, it has sex, violence, msytery, song, love, hate, and just about every other humor emotion, and is very hard to read in latin.
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
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1.a work of classic roman literature by virgil. It tells the story of aeneas, who cries every chance he gets, and his adventures escaping troy and founding the city that will eventually become rome.
2. propaganda from emperor augustus subtly placed in the book
3. a book that is hard as hell to translate
4. the bane of latin 4
Hitler decided not to burn the aeneid so teenagers could suffer with it in school
by Torquatus December 1, 2004
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this is iliad reversed. a band of survivors of troy land in latium/italy to found a new home. they are the invaders this time and invaders win once more with the help of the confusion of the olympic gods. turnus, a hector-like figure lacking in nobility of spirit is killed by aeneas.
The Aeneid shares with the Iliad and the Odyssey a tone of ironic tragedy, as characters act against their own wishes, submit their lives to fate, and often meet dark ends.
by slothics March 6, 2005
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Virgil's epic Greek poem about the great Trojan warrior Aeneas and the many tossings he received, on land and on sea, from the gods.
Line 3 of the Aeneid-"...and he received many tossing on land and sea..."
by Airgear1 February 3, 2011
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