A condescending phrase used to imply that whatever personal bias you have is inherently improper and invalidates your argument, and thus absolves the person using the phrase of actually having to argue legitimately (99% of the time due to them having no debate skills, composure, and the mentality of a five year-old.

Part of the larger family of phrases/retardation that idiots use to try and hide their lack of debate skills/fact checking. Right up there with some dumbass making a general statement with no sources or validity, someone calling them out and asking for such, and said person saying along the lines of “OMG I’m gonna act so offended/stupeified you want actual proof that I hope everyone else paying attention glosses over the fact I’m conveniently doing this to avoid looking like a retard!” Instead of giving said proof (because they have none).

Popular on places filled with pseudointellectuals, retards, and cuckolds i.e. reddit.com
Functioning person: I believe women should be held to the same standard as men when it comes to sentencing for crimes, and that divorce courts are hideously biased against men along with the statistics to prove it.

Reddit phaggot: who hurt you??? Incel! Orange man bad! I’m telling my wife’s boyfriend!
by Assey McGee January 20, 2019
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A phrase used towards someone with unnecessary vitriol in a situation. Said person usually calls people buzzword insults, and is More than likely to use a logical fallacy as an argument.
Person #1: i really like cake
Person #2: your a fucking cuck incel that probably swallows the batter go kill yourself!
Person #1: ok than, who hurt you?
by Callthejudgegetsomefudge May 17, 2019
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