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Tom Cruise is a Fudge Packer.
Hey there Mr. Cruise I didn't know you were a Fudge Packer?
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010

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One who is medically diagnosed as "Mentally Retarded" but manages to function at a normal level. While managing at a normal level that said person does things that would make other believe that he is a dumb-ass, dimwhit, or plaind old retard. See George W. Bush
Everything George W. Bush said during his speeches.

Some functioning retards managed to make their way to the top, president Bush did.
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010

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To process or action in which the Anus quivers whilst holding in a massive poo to prevent one from pooing in the drawers.
Bobby must have been holding in his crap for a long time becasue he came down with a case of quiverhole.
by CoUnMe April 20, 2010

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1.When one Assassinate's one's self.
2. The act or action of performing an Assassination on one's own self.
3. A more classier word for Suicide.
Guy 1: It tough to hear Jimmy committed suicide.
Guy 2: Think of it as an assassination.
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: Jimmy assassinated himself.
Guy 1: Ahh so he committed a Self Assassination.
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010

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One who willingly accepts Tube Steak in ones anus or anal cavity. The said person in question is one of the homosexual preference. Often the more fairy of the two parties.
C'mon that guy is totally a steak taker.
by CoUnMe April 23, 2010

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Mr. Creepy is a movie character invented and played by writed/director/producer/actor Todd Phillips. Mr. Creepy only appears in R-rated films directed by Phillips, i.e. "Road Trip" "Old School" and "The Hangover". Mr. Creepy usually wear a track suit, has a curly jewfro, and thick pornstache.

Mr. Creepy is also one of the biggest ladiesman in the films.
John-OMG, did you see that guy?
Tom- No
John-He looks just like Mr. Creepy from "Old School".
Tom-Never saw it.
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010

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Smith It is a style of shaving for female genitalia. the process is pulling out the labia ,much like a barber would a leather strap for sharpening his razor, and proceed to shave the netherregion. It is one of the most disgusting ways a women can shave her snatch. Usually performed by nasty dirty birds.
Sally: I gotta shave my muffin but it takes to long.

Samantha: Just smith it!
by CoUnMe April 22, 2010

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