9 definitions by Claudia

Gorgeous, talented and the biggest British girl band around at the moment. They are love.
Kimberley has the mighty fine ass, Nadine has the vocal talent, Cheryl has the fantastic breasts, Nicola has the attitude and Sarah has the sexiness. Not to mention they're all stunners, thank you please
by Claudia August 05, 2004
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our favorite cuddly monacle-sporting English amateur astronomer who displayed his ability to play the xylophone in front of parliament and the queen.
He had a long running show on the BBC "the sky at night"
Patrick Moore plays the xylophone, patrick moore plays the xylophone, patrick moore plays the xylophone.
pa-pa-pa-pa-pa patrick.
by Claudia January 01, 2004
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A person, who, for their public personality seems as if they can be compared to the pleasant 'Humpty Dumpty'... but when in the comfort of being alone in their room takes out the Jack Daniels and wacks off to a taped episode of Sesame Street.
When u donate to the Boy Scouts just to see them jump for joy
by Claudia January 01, 2004
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A male penis,dick,cock..which ever you would like to call it
That guys wahcang was like wa-chung!
by Claudia May 08, 2004
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