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Short form for faggot.

A word used by ignorant homophobic teenage males to describe anybody/thing but themselves. This is almost always in a subconscious attempt to prove that they are not gay; everybody around them is. See also faggot and homo.
You're a fag! She's a fag! I'm the only straight one here!
by Chrissi December 27, 2003

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The bestest browser ever. Nearly everything on the web will render as well or better in Mozilla than Internet Explorer. People like to complain because Mozilla doesn't support all this junk that Microsoft made and integrated into their browser to hide the fact that it's a load of crap and crashes all the time
Mozilla has pop-up blockers, tabbed browsing, and support for alpha level png transparency! Stop using IE!

yay! i hart IE bcuz I can see miy wurds glow!!!111
by Chrissi January 31, 2004

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A band who everyone should listen to. They do metal, they do rock, they do soft, they do gentle, they do hardcore, they do screaming, they do singing, they do whispering, they do tapping.. they do music. They're absolutely incredible. Listen to Penguins in the Desert, Whoa is Me, Is Not Everything, Of the Room, Sanzen, Yatahee, or any of their other songs.
I love Dreg. Whoa is Me is possibly the most incredible song by anyone, ever.
by Chrissi November 16, 2003

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The favourited distrobution of Linux that I've found among my favourite Linux geeks. Supposed to be a bit less newbie-friendly than Mandrake, but meh. It has a really nice installation guide and FAQ.. about 40 pages all together. I've never seen anything like that with other distros.

Also a small fast penguin or something.
Gentoo has a lot of documentation, man. That's a very good thing. All my Linux-geek friends like it.
by Chrissi January 31, 2004

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A vegetarian/vegan group of people who mean well but often go about it wrong. They shouldn't destroy things. Then they, themselves, are wasteful.

I am a vegetarian myself, but I would not join PETA for the above reasons.
PETA may not be smart, but their cause is a good one.
by Chrissi January 31, 2004

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any type of person, who resembles any type of monster/negative thing
-swamp monster
-monster under ur bed
-big foot
-ugly mofo
-closet monster
and the list goes on...
by chrissi May 05, 2004

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