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A bunch of men who don't know anything about combat or warfare. All they know how to do is follow the Marines. A.R.M.Y. Ain't Ready for Marines Yet.
When you want it screwed up and Lost, send in the Army
by Chris January 03, 2005
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Short version for statutory rape
You were brought up on stat charges!!!!!
by Chris January 27, 2004
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slav: this is a term for a slaggy chav
A:is she a slag?
B:is she a a chav??
C:noo she's a slav!
by Chris April 26, 2005
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Great shit to smoke!!!
puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, pass!
by Chris July 28, 2003
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giving oral sex to a male person.
other definition for blowjob.
hey girl! get on your knees and ring my bell!
by Chris February 15, 2005
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A man or woman, of any color, sexuality, religion, or background, who is morally opposed to senseless hate. A person who believes strongly that all people are equal, and is willing to stand up for that belief.
Hey, are you an anti-racist? No? Uh-oh, I guess I better punch your nose!
by Chris December 07, 2003
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Landable fly/float glitch
Glitch that can be done in thps games to float infinitly and do tons of tricks.
That stupid n00b is using an LFG to rack up points...ban him.
by chris March 17, 2003
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