31 definition by Chigglywiggly

A Halo noob who insists on using banshees in multiplayer combat. Banshees are for n00bs.
That idiot is using a shee. Dang it. What a sheetard.
by Chigglywiggly November 14, 2007

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The way a Rochesterian (NY) pronounces the word "and". Rochesterians are well know for their odd, nasally accent.
"Eeeand that will be all, kids."
by Chigglywiggly October 27, 2006

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Laughing my posterior off

The classy version of lmao
Robert: Oh Charles, I am just oozing money! I am so rich, it's funny!

Charles: Good show, Robert, good show! lmpo!
by ChigglyWiggly August 27, 2011

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The monkey chomper is a sexual act in which, while fornicating, the male bites down (chomps) on a woman's throat, slicing into her jugular vein. Then while she is lying there bleeding to death, he poops in his hand and flings the feces at her, like a monkey.
I was feeling kinky last night, so I performed a monkey chomper.
by chigglywiggly August 16, 2010

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The replacement for the word "epic." Epic got old. It got boring listening to people say "epic win!" and "epic fail!" So, it only makes sense to replace it with a new word, and the most appropriate word would be "biblical".
Bobby: I just pwnd that guy at World of Warcraft.

Andy: Biblical win!

Bobby Inorite?

Andy: That was some biblical pwnage!
by Chigglywiggly September 14, 2009

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The Hustle by Van McCoy is the "theme" song of the swine flu - that is, whenever you hear The Hustle, the swine flu is near! The louder The Hustle is, the closer swine flu is! When you hear The Hustle...RUN!!! DUCK AND COVER!!! Do something because swine flu will get you and you will DIE!!!
Jim: Hey Eric, what's up.
Eric: Hey Jim, what's...wait. Did you hear that?
*do do do dodo dodo do do, do do do dodo dodo do do, do it. Do the Hustle!*
Jim: Ahh!!!! It's The Hustle! Swine flu is near! Run!!!!
by Chigglywiggly May 02, 2009

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A combination of the derogatory terms "emo" and "fag". Sometimes used to describe MySpace.com members.
"That guy is a freaking mofa."
by Chigglywiggly October 27, 2006

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