A very POG Minecraft tournament, that is very great in every way. It is made by the Nox Crew
“Hey did you hear the georgenotfound just got a back to back win in MCC!!!”
by Woah, cool definition November 14, 2020
Murraylands Christian College, the most un-christian school this side of the southern hemostphere. we reside in Strathalbyn in South Australia, and also Murray Bridge, the epicenter of stabbings and shootings.
no matter what EFS may tell you, we are awsome. and jsut becuase we don't have to bring guns to school or buy wed of the internet to be cool, doesn't mean we ain't have no fun....
an interaction between Eastern FLeurio HIgh School kid when meeting MCC kid outside Woolworths (the only good place to go in Strath).
EFS kid: "hey, you, you go to that weiner ass MCC, don't ya?"
MCC kid: "suck my dick, loser."
*EFS kid left standing there, offended by the awsome words of the MCC kid*
Acronym for 'mong cha cha', i.e. Cantonese for 'blur'. Rough American English equivalent would be spacey.
"That guy's so MCC, girlfriend call also he hang up phone."
by megabigBLUR September 23, 2003
A big minecraft tournament that gets played monthly.
I play in mcc.
by Mexton August 23, 2022
MCC is Mirdif City Center, its a mall in Dubai Mirdif. Families usually go out there and sometimes friends just hangout toegether.
Yo bro do you wanna hang out in MCC. today
by SaiifDarwiish November 16, 2020
verb: to mcc, mcc'd, mccing

abbreviated form of "Management Carbon Copy"

Copying a manager (one's own or the target's or both) to add a threatening aspect to an email. The threat is often implied as this strategy is employed after some correspondence has occurred without management visibility so as to goad the target into complying. It can, though, be used at the outset as a preemptive strike.

noun: mcc

email copied to management as above
verb: I can't go out tonight, my coworker mcc'd my boss, so I'll have to stay late to finish the project

noun: I'm going to ignore that mcc because the VP is on my side.
by nice_hat April 21, 2011
Also known as Manchester Community College. Located in Manchester, CT. A place where you will find extremely stuck-up girls and a pool hall.
Guy 1: "Hey man, did you meet any girls at MCC yet?"
Guy 2: "Nah, they're all bee-yotches."
by Hospital Shark January 22, 2008