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A recessive person who consumes products and has their mouth open all the time like a submissive chimp. Is a person who has a bad opinion and obsesses about things. Constantly defensive.
"What an Average fan. He is so defensive over Marvel"
by Chevyman95 February 17, 2022
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A 4chan boomer gamer who has nostalgia goggles when he sees the most expressionless lifeless N64 tier graphics of the most generic movie based games in 2002.
OP:"Back in my day. Games had art. Games had Unlike games past 2005"

190938909: Shut up Sovlfag
by Chevyman95 July 10, 2023
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A retard that uses Gab.ai to spread his hate and misinformation
"Look what this gabtard keeps posting"
by Chevyman95 April 5, 2022
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A annual Twitter fad that comes around once a year where artists draw their own character sucking their own cock. Popular amongst furries and the MHA fans. If you miss out you're a loser!
"It's National draw your own character sucking it's Dick day! I drew Ryan the Hedgehog suck his own cock!" #nationaldrawyourowncharactersuckingitsowndickday
by Chevyman95 August 26, 2023
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Internalized oppression is just a buzzword some Twitter degenerates or commies use so you can be weak and stupid like they are.

Dislike that grown men are dancing in front of little girls at a pride parade? Internalized oppression.
"Sorry sweety. You can't be bisexual heteromantic. That's INTERNALIZED OPPRESSION!" - Abby She/her fuck the police. 🏳️ 🌈 Age 24
by Chevyman95 July 29, 2023
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Abby About me: 21, Genderfluid, them/they, she/her, Bi, Christian, US Soldier, Football player, Scientist, Astronaut, Artist, ACAB, BLM, College graduate
by Chevyman95 February 12, 2023
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Definition 1: A website or software that is stuck in the mid early 90's. It features outdated styles using HTML 2, robot voice, 256 colors, smothered in gifs, raping your with MIDI ringtones, amongst other things.
Probably is run by a person who killed themselves because it hasn't be updated in 2 decades.

Definition 2: The Creation Engine

Definition 3: A slow computer
Example 1: I hate internet explorer, What is this Windows 95 shit?
by Chevyman95 August 1, 2019
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