With own interpretation, No God, Know Peace is saying that with no god then the world would know peace. Almost all wars have the root of religion causing violence so God is really just standing in the way.
by Ann Ford February 28, 2009
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Place where some tweaked ass grandmas get their grandkids stuff.

This is in reference to the "Trimbles Happy Hippie Christmas" story
Lil Kevin's mother told him "God-Knows-Where she got it" but to thank grandma,who smells like moth balls, for the kitty sweater she searched so hard for because she knew it was exactly what he wanted.

Inside poor Kevin's little head "Visions of kicking grandmas dumbass danced in his head"
by Emmerson Bigguns March 15, 2006
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to swear on god that you did something that someone would never think you'd do/happen
boy: i ate her out
by CandaceDixon January 31, 2019
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A thing so long you cannot describe it. Almost infinite amounts of longness. The "long" can also be replaced with other words like "short", "red", "sexy", and etc.
"That tube is god knows how long."
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Many people of the Abrahamic religions, specifically Christianity, have a saying: No God, No Peace, Know God, Know Peace. I cannot honestly be expected to believe that being a Christian will mean that I will know peace when all the Abrahamic cults are warring with one another.

Instead, I'm just going to assume that 'devoting oneself to the highest power' means 'selling out the the ones who won't kill you if you join them.'

Everyone has their own opinion on religion, of course, and therefore, it is impossible to create a world-wide peace when peace is agreement not to be enemies. For example, if a faith requires enemies to survive, its practitioners will continue to kill and maim and hurt others until the faith is dead or every last 'heretic' is no more than a memory.

Besides, organized religion defeats the purpose of free will, if you haven't noticed. That's why I'm the free and happy atheist that is completely stigmatized against any religion that doesn't offer the power to summon monsters based on a pact with the religion's deity.

Final Fantasy has some cool religions in it, ever hear of the Yevonites? Oh, wait, their leaders are corrupt and evil. Ever hear of the Covenant, a religious collective of alien races with one single goal? Oh, wait, that involves the total annihilation of all intelligent life in the galaxy. Star Wars has the coolest religion of all, though. May the Force be with you, always.
Believing in a deity raises more barriers than it lowers. Know God, No Peace.
by aka_Pyro September 29, 2007
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