the cool{no, not ‘kool’ or the sickening ‘kewl’} way to spell ‘screwed’, as well as how ’twas korrectly spelled in Old English (what with its Germanic routes). The letter ‘c’ should be reserved more for an ‘s’ sound (as in ‘Cici's Pizza’, proper-noun ‘Scion’, as well as when in concert with another letter to denote a new sound all its own: ‘bitch’, ‘charge’, ‘chagrin’, and German ‘ich’ or the proper-noun ‘Loch Ness Monster’).

See also: screwed, skrew, screw
Yep, you’re pretty-much skrewed alright, I’m ’fraid to confirm.
by Victor Van Styn August 22, 2005
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1) fifteen year old girl (as of december 2004) who has too much work
2) jenni
the girl has too much work, she is skrewed
by max December 09, 2004
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A "Skrewball poem", or in short "a Skrew", is a poem with short lines and multiple rhyming or repeated words, often with letters missing or shortened or written in text speech and is a means to convey a story or tale from the Screwed up poet to a Screwed up reader.

A "True SKREW" is a poem, with many nonsensical rhyming lines, often written without any inclination by the author to give a fuck about what words he is SKREWING you with.
"Skr3w, screw, barney McSkrew,
Screw them all and screw u too,
Been in a screw job n not 2 few,
Diablo witch screwed r whole crew. "
by TripleDipped September 24, 2020
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Skrew's style, particularly on their earlier work, stands out as prototypical industrial metal, combining a harsh power/thrash base with sampling, distorted vocals, and a general mechanical feel.
by gothic_hobbit February 22, 2006
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A curse often used on Anna-Maja Kazarian Twitch channel. Originated from "screw it!", amended by one of the channel moderators nickname "Skrewz07".
Oh come on, I keep losing. Skrew it!
Blame Skrewz for skrewing everything up.
by Shoarmapizza October 22, 2020
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The Loose Skrews are a punk rock band that was founded in Atlanta.They been doing there own unique brand of punk/Oi since 2003. They also started a large fan following called "The Brew Crew".

Rotger Rotgut- Vocals
J.B.- Bass
Clayton- Lead Guitar
Hooper- Rhythm Guitar
Gabe- Drums

Albums include:
More Than A Few
Have Another Brew,
Born To Lose,
For Those Hearts True.
The Loose Skrews kick ass!!!
by tunaking June 28, 2009
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The originator of screwed and chopped music. Starter of the SUC (skrewed up click). Yeah listen to some of his mix tapes they will blow your mind.
by Fluphy September 27, 2006
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