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1. The nickname granted to Mr. Belvedere by his fans.
2. A smelly physics student.
3. A sexual manuever involving 3 people, a bunk bed and ice cubes.
I should want to cook brocktoon a simple meal, but I shouldn't want to cut into him, to tear the flesh, to wear the flesh, to be born unto new worlds where his flesh becomes my key.
by cheech July 20, 2004

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best rapper of all time definatly better than biggy lyrically biggy talked about main stream biggie wins in a flow contest overall freestyle tupac will win, not racist his first manager was white he also produced albums with another white....
2 good for biggie
by cheech September 02, 2003

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"Girls who hang out near discos all night, you buy them a drink or two then drive them around LA all night".
watch Born in East LA....
by Cheech October 19, 2003

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The Cutest sweetest nicest girl on the planet
Damn thats some good swinkle
by CHeech July 22, 2003

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form of chilling and relaxing in a synchronized action
Laura and Ashly were chillaxin in the room because her mom just called them out.
by cheech February 27, 2005

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The cut down is a hand gesture use to symbolize a "diss" or a "put-down". To administer the cut down, you extend your left arm fully to make a 20 degree angle or so, to your chest. Then slide your right hand from your shoulder to the end of your left hand. You can also say the word cut down while doing the motion for added effect.
Garrett just used the nastiest your-mama joke known to man on Ryan, so I furthered Ryan's shame by doing the cut down.
by Cheech June 27, 2004

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it means good and exciting and cool and cool
I think your very flaudsome
by cheech June 30, 2003

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