the process of sniffing a substance up into the nostrils
method of ingesting cocaine, or other ground powder substances
also known as snorting
"oh man, i insufflated so much stuff last weekend i was having serious nose abortions!"
by morphiated May 27, 2008
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to blow on or into.
to inhale a substance into a body cavity.
see wordrail/word
I insufflated 3 8-balls of cocaine in a week.
by larstait October 10, 2003
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To snort something (cocaine, MDMA, etc), but when cops are watching and you want to hide what you're doing with flowery latinate language so as to prevent them from realising what you're doing.
Benny G: You dawg lets snort this 8 ball ay
Little A: Oi nah I don't reckon. Coppers over there yonder are watching
Benny G (Loudly): Mayyyyyte lets insufflate this rn yo
Little A: Good one benny
by Johnny Subterfuge August 12, 2020
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