15 definitions by Champ

A unisex term to refer to a slut. More correctly meaning prostitute.
That Dave is such a raand. All the horny bastard does is drill sluts all day long.
by Champ January 09, 2004
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A vehicle driven that is generally not meant to go fast, yet has the apperance of being a race-like car. A driver of a rice-rocket is a rice boy.
Why do people do up fucking Honda Civics and make them "look" sporty when they are girls cars. I hate those crappy "rice rockets".
by Champ February 25, 2002
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former champion; man who doesn´t understand that his time is over; born looser
Guy who was playing table soccer quite good when he was younger and still tries but is always loosing
by Champ August 05, 2003
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The bowel. Specifically with reference to sodomy.
A homosexual enjoys a ride down the "chocolate freeway".
by Champ February 10, 2002
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