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Home of the most beautiful women in the world.
Take a stroll down Strøget and you will see....
by Champ February 25, 2004
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The anal passage. As faeces are generally brown (like Cadbury chocolate), this term allows one to make reference to the rectum in a somewhat polite way.
A homosexuals favourtime pastime is to take a nice stroll down Cadbury Lane.
by Champ August 28, 2003
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This is a manoeuvre where a girl is lying face down on a bed, naked, with a ceiling fan above. A naked man is hanging from the said ceiling fan while it is on.

The fan must rotate at least 3 times and then the man must let go such that he lands on top of the woman with his dick rapidly penetrating her poo chute on landing.
In South America, a certain family is famous for pioneering the sexual techniuqe known as "jump of the tiger".
by Champ September 21, 2003
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Anal sphincter. Where faeces exit the body.
Poofs take a cock up their poo chute.
by Champ February 10, 2002
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former champion; man who doesn´t understand that his time is over; born looser
Guy who was playing table soccer quite good when he was younger and still tries but is always loosing
by Champ August 5, 2003
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By far the best form of music that exists. A recent study showed that if a population is divided into musical preference, those who claim a strong allegiance to trance have the highest average IQ.
Trance is the music of the genius-generation.
by Champ October 8, 2003
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A unisex term to refer to a slut. More correctly meaning prostitute.
That Dave is such a raand. All the horny bastard does is drill sluts all day long.
by Champ January 9, 2004
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