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When a series of skits or sections are arranged to follow a plot-line.
Person A: Have you seen that rising comedy channel recently?
Person B: Yeah, but his videos are executed differently than they were a few years ago.
Person A: Oh really?
Person B: Back when I first watched them, they followed an actual plot-line. Now the videos only follow a pseudo plot-line.
by ChameleonDragon February 5, 2018
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When a prayer or other religious/superstitious attempt to get something backfires in an ironic way.
Person A: I made a wish in the wishing well to become richer, but I ended up dropping my wallet in it.
Person B: Holyluia.
by ChameleonDragon February 13, 2022
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When someone judges you or insults you based off of your looks or personality when they have that same exact trait.
Person A: Ew, you have such ugly hair!
Person B: We have the same exact hairstyle.
Person A: Your hair is still ugly!
Person B: You're making a mirror judgment. Cut it out.
by ChameleonDragon February 18, 2018
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When you get KO'd by an attack that you should've survived, had it not landed a critical hit.
CKO for short.
Game: Enemy attacks!
Player: No worries, I can survive this.
Game: Critical hit!
You've been defeated...
Player: Ugh! I hate Critical Knock-Outs!
by ChameleonDragon February 4, 2018
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A record or achievement earned by using mechanics or systems intended for newer players.
Person A: I scored a perfect game!
Person B: If you can achieve that bumper badge, turn off the bumpers!
by ChameleonDragon May 27, 2019
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A ploy used by Youtubers to try to increase their likes and subscribes.
Youtuber: Don't forget to like and subscribe!
Person A: Can Youtubers stop saying this?
They'll only like and subscribe if they like your content!
by ChameleonDragon February 17, 2018
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A word or phrase that is said by a person or a group so many times that it's pretty much gotten stale.
Person A: I will make the world a better place!
Person B: Can you stop saying that? It's pretty much a stalement.
by ChameleonDragon February 24, 2018
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