110 definition by Chad

A shortened version of "you're gay" ... Useful under circumstances when the person you are describing is very homosexual, as the term is a palindrome and can be pronounced both frontwards and backwards
Yagay frontwards and backwards. Any way you look at it, yagay.
by Chad February 27, 2004

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bondage for a bitch
by chad August 28, 2003

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a bastardized version of the word surreal, meaning "dreamlike"
daym, dat bitch is creal!

hey, that girl is surreal!
by chad May 27, 2005

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Images on the internet in the shape of a long rectangle, they are advertisements than link to other websites.
Punch the Monkey Ads.
by Chad July 08, 2003

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drunk pronunciation for skull
Awe fawk Ima mu fawking drung and just felled n busteded up ma skill...
by Chad June 23, 2003

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full of pimping juice, one who pimps
Chadwick is pimpalicous. All the chicks want him.
by Chad February 26, 2005

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The act of forcing a group of individuals to run around and play tag with the starting tagger being squirrel tapped; while the other individuals run. The only way to tag one is through squirrel tapping.
Kurt likes to make people play balltag for alcohol.
by Chad November 13, 2004

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