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Annelisse is the cute and quirky kind but she is one you can always count on. She is a sweetheart who is always looking to impress other people but does not really take some time for herself. She’s lovable and always has a smile on her face.
Person-1:hey u know Annelisse
Person-1:I love talking to her she is so approachable and kind

Person-2: I know right
by Certi_kinnggzzzz January 28, 2019

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Lmao (in text messages) usually stands for laughing my ass off.
Person1:OMG did u see how mr Pierson slipped today

Person2:yeah lmao
by Certi_kinnggzzzz January 28, 2019

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Sashon is a boys name. Sashon’s are normally into sports. At school he is popular and considered good looking. Sashon may not have the highest grades in class but is well capable of being the smartest but he spends a lot of time trying to impress other people and make them laugh which is really sweet. Sashon is great at football and he keeps up with all the trends. He is never alone and always has a cool friend to hang out with. He is popular because of his personality not for making fun of people to make others laugh. He has a great personality but sometimes he can be known to hang out with the wrong crowd. Sashons are devoted to sports and have so much potential but a person like him just needs to find the right key to unlock his mind.
Person e.g Chloe-did you see that boy sashon he is so peng

Person e.g Annie- well back up coz he told me he doesn’t like you person e.g Chloe- the sashon doesn’t like me but he’s so cool
by Certi_kinnggzzzz December 21, 2018

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A beautiful woman who is responsible and loving. She studies and wants the best for her children. Nair is a loving person who is often found taking care of other people rather than herself. She’s the type of person who wants the best for you. She achieves every thing she puts her mind to and speaks her voice. She is brave and fights for the good of others.
You that lady standing over there she’s so independent
Oh yeah she’s nair and the most reliable and loving person out there
by Certi_kinnggzzzz April 16, 2019

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