Hair removal system that does not work.
Yeah, I put that Nair shit on my legs and after about 6 minutes it started to burn my flesh, then my hands smelled like burning rubber after I tried to wash it off...
by The Bandwagon June 19, 2004
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Used in the Super Smash Brothers series. This is an attack that is used in the air without putting in a direction (up, down, left, right). Most nairs are either a kick or a spin.
I hate it when my brother spams Cloud's nair.
by Person Guy221 January 07, 2018
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A beautiful woman who is responsible and loving. She studies and wants the best for her children. Nair is a loving person who is often found taking care of other people rather than herself. She’s the type of person who wants the best for you. She achieves every thing she puts her mind to and speaks her voice. She is brave and fights for the good of others.
You that lady standing over there she’s so independent
Oh yeah she’s nair and the most reliable and loving person out there
by Certi_kinnggzzzz April 16, 2019
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(verb) is the ability to dominate the business and capital markets in Australia and Malaysia. People with the nair can be found in southern parts of Australia.
When a person has worked 25.5 hours in a day still at a 85% utlisation and then advise boards on big decisions. You have done a nair.
by thenair August 30, 2010
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Nair is the most sexiest bitch ever born.
Damn bitch your so Nair 😉
by cheney August 14, 2014
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when said with a southern accent, it sounds like 'nigger'
Get Those GodDAMN NAIRS!
by Rammsteinick January 20, 2005
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