6 definitions by Cassidy14

Savannah is a great person to talk to when you feel sad. She has a great sense of humour and will always find a way to make you feel better. Sav is an amazing friend to have and her texts will never get boring.
Savannah is so nice and her Snapchat’s are so funny
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021
A great person with what seems like never ending support. She’s honestly the kindest person I’ve met in a while. She is social online but has asocial tendencies in real life.
Savannah, I love you and your great comments on my posts
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021
Leena is a sweet girl who can always joke and have fun with people she barely knows. Her interaction skills always surprise people and her humour will always make you laugh.
Hey leena, I just want to tell you that I love you and your humour
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021
Will is the most adorable, caring and sexy man I’ve ever met. He is someone I can talk to when I’m sad. He might be a little awkward and shy but it makes him even more adorable.
Girl: yo, who’s that cutie?
Girl 2: oh, that’s William, from my Science. He is soooo cute
by Cassidy14 March 2, 2020
David is a great guy who struggles with understanding that he’s an amazing, funny person. From the small Kirby emotes on Discord to his comments under social media posts. It’s always fun to talk with him in dms or on voice chat.
David, the Kaneki kinnie
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021
Alle is a funny person who will always make me feel good about myself. Her stunning appearance and personality make her someone to look up to. But what makes Alle, Alle is her use of TikTok emojis in every chat.
Alle proud is amazing
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021