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An annoyed or embarrassed response to the stupidity or incompetence of another. Synonymous with "Shut the fuck up", or "Jesus, you're stupid". Derived from one man's inability to counteract the obliviousness of those around him, to which he blurted it out in frustration. Also, an appropriate reply to an unfunny or otherwise retarded joke.
Bo: "Boy, I have a lot of tools in my garage."

Me: "Hang up the phone, tubby."
by Captain Walleye July 23, 2008
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The period of time from Thanksgiving (or perhaps as early as Halloween depending on regional traditions) until Super Bowl Sunday, where every event involves an outrageous volume of food and everyone gets hugely fat.
I’m up two pants sizes since the start of eating season. I really have to dial it back. Wanna go grab a burger?
by Captain Walleye December 21, 2018
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Something so bad that it is simultaneously horrendous and horrific, or horrendously horrific, or horrifically horrendous.
I think your baby took a shit. Your whole place smells absolutely horrendorrific.
by Captain Walleye January 21, 2020
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Condition whereby confused or oblivious (often elderly) people befoul a social media post with inane, irrelevant, offensive or otherwise horrid replies.
/normal human posts cover photo of beautiful sunset

Normal human's commentally retarded parent replies: "WHAT TIME ARE YOU GOING TO UNCLE JOE'S FOR SUPPER NEXT WEEK ? !"
by Captain Walleye November 29, 2021
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Less vulgar (or typo) variation of "whiny cunt", one who complains needlessly about frivolous things such as fantasy football dues. Used to insult one's friends when they disagree with your idiocy.
Fuck you whiny counts! I'm shutting this MOTHER FUCKER DOWN!
by Captain Walleye December 4, 2018
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The sensation of needing to go back in the house to fire off a missile immediately after starting a project in the garage. It's a real momentum killer. If you're ever constipated, head out to the garage and pick up a drill. Instant 💩. #garageshits
I needed to go fix the car but didn’t get anything done because I got the garage shits.
by Captain Walleye November 10, 2018
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