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1 N. Any person who cuts themselves to relieve pain. Usually involved in the emo subculture.

2 N. A derrogatory term used to describe someone who becomes frequently depressed and needs to go cut themself and actually devotes time out of their day to thinking about ways to cut themself.

3 N. Someone adicted to cutting themself.
Emo chick: hey, my life sucks alot...
me: why? whats the matter?
Emo chick: You would never understand! *grabs a knife and cuts herself*
me: Hey, dont be an emo cutter, get help!
Emo chick: Nobody can help me! I need to cut more! Leave me alone!!!
by candy snax October 10, 2005

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What Salad Finger calls sand in Salad Fingers EP 7. Marjory Stuart-Baxter and him are sampling the sand around his house in the middle of nowhere. Mr. Fingers remarks that the "floor sugar" tastes odd to him, and then suggests he and Marjory make a record of their discoveries.
"I agree, the floor sugar does taste rather queer in this area. We should make a record of our findings"
by Candy Snax February 22, 2006

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that one dude in the Matrix 3 that helps neo (sort of) and has a wife and a daughter named Sati.
love is a word neo

i am rama kandra

in his thoughts: "i can't believe they waited till the third movie to give me a real part... poseurs"
by candy snax October 08, 2005

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1. A common phrase in the Southern Maryland area used to describe one who acks oddly and does things that are irrational and to no immediatly beneficial effect whatsoever, and in some cases may be so detrimental that the act causes harm or injury to the one who preformed it or in extreme cases injury or death to those around that person.

2. An utter unmittigated yahoo
Shut Up you cockmonch!

Callete, tu cockmonch!
by Candy Snax February 22, 2006

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The art of when you own some noob so rapidly that they can't respond at all because they are still being owned, and everytime they open their mouth to pwn you back, you own them again. This is the art of the Shalm.
1. Did you hear? That SMR brat definately got shalmed by ME!

2. Shut up nub or I'll shalm you.

3. "He was so busy being shalmed he never noticed Joe take his paper

4. Black Sabbath owns and so does Salad Fingers!
by candy snax October 09, 2005

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what you call someone when they are wierd nubbish ppl. If they deny you your rights, own them viciously
GoldSnake5: at urbandictionary.com pw33t is a word
Snetmonch: lol
GoldSnake5: you shakopoopknuckle
soulstealer70: which im sure is also a word
by candy snax October 10, 2005

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internet slang meaning owned, pwnt, dominated, pooned.
1. get pw33t by my uber necro

2. wanna be hit in the dome? pw33t ur face good if you think you can own my wonderful insimniac barbarian
by candy snax October 08, 2005

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